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Västkustens Sportklätterklubb and The Swedish Climbing Federation invites all scandinavian seniors to an epic Nordic Championship in Boulder November 10-11th 2018 at Klätterlabbet’s new gym Fysiken in Partille, Gothenburg!

Nordic Boulder Championships 2018 – Check out the poster!

The Swedish climbing federation (SKF) and Västkustens Sportklätterklubb (VSKK) in collaberation with Klätterlabbet invites you to participate in the Nordic Championships Boulder 10-11 November 2018. 

Chief RoutsetterTonde Katiyo

Allowed to compete: Adult scandinavian women and men (“16” years and above).
Non scandinavian climbers are allowed to take part without a result but only 2 extra spots will be available in the final (maximum 8 participants, minimum 6 scandinavian climbers in the final).   

Schedule: (more deatiled information will come)
Saturday 10th of November: Qualification Men and Women (approx. time 9am to 18pm)
Sunday 11th of November: Semifinal and Final Men and Women (approx. time 9am to 18pm) 

Travel: The facility is located 15km away from the centre of Gothenburg on Laxfiskevägen 4a, PartilleMap here.

Public transportations are aviable from the city centre, see http://www.vasttrafik.se
There are free and good parkingslots outside the gym. 

Food: Lunch and snacks will be aviable for all participants and included in the registration fee. 

Partille Vandrarhemhttp://www.partillevandrarhem.com
First Hotel: https://www.firsthotels.se/hotell/sverige/goteborg/first-hotel-kviberg-park/
Kviberg Vandrarhemhttp://www.vandrarhemgoteborg.se/kvibergsvandrarhem.php 

www.vskk.se (tävling) and facebook

Registration: Fill in your registration here!  Registration fee is 40 Euro and are open until 31st of October.

Questions can be sent to tavling@vskk.se  

Check out this video from the Swedish Championship arranged Västkustens Sportklätterklubb in 2016.