Manlig toppklättrare trakasserade Sasha DiGiulian

Sasha DiGiulian. © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool
Den amerikanske proffsklättraren Joe Kinder anklagas för nätmobbning mot Sasha DiGiulian, en av världens bästa kvinnliga klättrare.
Nu har två av hans sponsorer avbrutit samarbetet med honom.
Förutom sitt vanliga Instagramkonto har Joe Kinder även haft ett privat konto. Från detta konto ska han under lång tid ha spridit elaka skämt och kommentarer till bland andra Sasha DiGiulian. Nyligen publicerade han en bild på en kraftigt överviktig kvinna med innebörden att kvinnan skulle föreställa Sasha.
För en vecka sedan valde Sasha att berätta offentligt om mobbningen. Hon skrev på Instagram att hon försökt få Joe att sluta, men inte fått svar.
Efter Sashas inlägg avslöjade en annan amerikansk elitklättrare, Courtney Sanders, att även hon hade drabbats. Joe skrev nedvärderande kommentarer om hennes utseende på hennes Instagram.
Nu har Joes sponsorer Black Diamond och La Sportiva avslutat samarbetet med honom. Företagen skriver på sina Instagram att hans agerande på sociala medier inte är förenligt med deras värderingar och uppförandekrav som de ställer på klättrarna de sponsrar.
Joe har tagit bort det privata Instagramkontot och bett om ursäkt, såväl på sin officiella Instagram som direkt till Sasha. Han skriver att han alltid har haft ”en hård humor” och ber om ursäkt till alla som drabbats av hans ”smaklösa agerande”.
Sasha DiGiulian har fått ett enormt stöd från människor över hela världen. Amerikanska klättermedier har skrivit spaltmeter om händelsen och på nätet har debatten om män som mobbar kvinnor fortsatt.
– Situationen med Joe hade pågått i åratal. Det var inte bara inlägg på sociala medier och det drabbade inte bara mig. Jag hatade att behöva hänga ut honom offentligt, men det verkar som om det var det som krävdes för att få fram budskapet att nog är nog. Personligen accepterar jag hans ursäkt och uppmanar er alla att göra detsamma, skriver Sasha Digiulian på Facebook.

As a community we need to uphold ourselves to higher standards than permitting defamatory, assaulting behavior. I use my social media platforms to share a window into my life- both professionally and personally, yet I also believe that this channel is a platform to have a voice and stand for what I believe in. This includes spreading more love and taking a stance against bullying. I am hurt and broken hearted to say that I am a victim of a bully and it has crossed the line. I write from the hospital, where I sit praying for the health of my family. I have received many messages about the ridicule that someone has made about me and my career. I have tried reaching out maturely, with no response. I find it incredibly sad that he has chosen this road. Perhaps because I am an independent female who has made a career out of my chosen path that irritates him? The second photo in this slide is one example of a reference he has made to me and Edu going to the Verdon, which I had to cancel due to my Grandma’s health. At the root of a lot of evil is insecurity. There is a line at which enough is enough, and I do not find it okay that a man can act like such a child, nor target women in such a vulgar way as he has done. I have chosen to write about this because while joking banter can be light and entertaining, this is not “light” content. This is malicious and ongoing. Behavior like this has dire consequences on the victim, including eating disorders, the perpetuation of gender inequality, and a misrepresentation of the pillars that I am proud that our community stands for. – Update I’ve been in touch with Joe and he’s taking steps to fix his problems. He deleted the meme account and has apologized in both my and his social accounts. Personally I’m accepting his apology and would encourage all of you to do the same. This includes his sponsors who I know are aware of the situation and I’m sure he’s feeling the heat from that angle. Ultimately I want our community to be better, to respect people of all strengths, shapes and sizes for who they are. As athletes, lets use our platforms for good and work hard to push the limits of what us humans are capable of.

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Social media has been an awesome way for most of us to reach one another on so many levels. My career has changed immensely with the ease of sharing stories to motivate or inform audience. It can be used in great ways or harmful. I’ve always had a bit of a harsh sense of humor as I grew up a skater-kid punk. I’d rile my friends with pranks or nicknames, as it was done out of love. Fast forward to my adult years and I still enjoy joking and never taking ourselves too seriously but there’s a point when it’s too much. Bullying or harmful content is nothing I’d like to be connected to and I’m not proud to have offended people. For a few months I had a private account that would include a small group of people on inside jokes and memes poking fun at people. (It’s deleted now so no need to search it out.) I went overboard and would like to publicly apologize, Sasha, I’m sorry. I respect women and support our current era for our women as we’re in a historical moment of time. It was not pro, kind, human, or yielding of anything positive. Social media is great and I want to share content to inspire and not cause harm. The brands I work with support women on a major level and I’m dang proud to affiliate with that. My actions are by me and I own it. I apologize to anyone that was hurt by my tasteless acts, I’m learning from this. -joe (Above are photos of people I respect and who teach me to be a better person)

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