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General Information

Information about SKF:
The Swedish Climbing Federation (Svenska Klätterförbundet, SKF) was formed in 1973 and is responsible for developing and preserving the climbing culture within Sweden. SKF is a member of both the Swedish National Sports Foundation (Riksidrottsförbundet, RF) and the Union Internationale des Associations d´Alpinisme, UIAA, which is the International governing body for mountaineering and climbing. The SKF community is composed of over 60 regional climbing clubs and is responsible for bringing together over 6000 members throughout various parts of country.

The Swedish Climbing Federation:
• SKF annually elects its governing board in conjunction with the scheduling for the yearly meetings.
• The governing board committee is responsible for upholding and representing the organization for both the current and upcoming terms.
• SKF has an appointed Secretary General who is responsibility for management, control of finances, and supervision of the commissions and administrative staff.
• The Commissions consist of members with special expertise in the following areas: Access and Conservation, Expedition, Competition, Education, and Safety. In addition to the Commissions, their are Swedish national teams in the fields of: Competition climbing, Youth development, and Trainer/Teacher education.
• Member activity takes place through the local climbing clubs.

Becoming a Member:
To become a member of the Swedish Climbing federation (SKF) you must enroll through your local climbing club. With the payment of your clubs membership fees, you will automatically become a member of the SKF organization. You will receive a membership card, along with discounts and other advantages provided through local retail stores. You will also be provided with climbing insurance through Folksam, as well as receive the quarterly climbing magazine (Bergsport) four times a year. Membership fees can vary between various climbing clubs so please contact your applicable club for more information. For a list of Swedish climbing clubs, please click on the following link on our homepage: Swedish Climbing Clubs

If you should have any questions or complications, please contact us and we will assist you in locating a suitable climbing club.

Climbing in Sweden:
If you are interested in acquiring guide books for a specific climbing area, we recommend that you contact the local climbing club that resides in that area for the most detailed and accurate information. It is often the local clubs themselves that are responsible for publishing and selling the local guide book.

The Swedish Climbing Federation has an access database consisting of all regions that may have climbing restrictions. Please be responsible and have a look through our database prior to climbing to be sure that you do not infringe on any environmental, social, or legal complications.

If you are looking for climbing walls and climbing gyms for a specific region, please look at our homepage or contact the local climbing club for more information. Most of the climbing gyms have their own homepage with information regarding price and open hours.

Media and Contact:
For media and press relations, please contact Mr. Pontus Tengvall. His contact information can be found through the “Contact Us” (Kontakta Oss) section of our homepage. Results for competitions can also be found through our homepage under the tab “Competition” (Tävling) and then “Results” (Resultat).

Crisis Group:
In the event of a crisis situation, please contact the following responsible people. The full details of our crisis plan can be found at: SKF Documents




 Niklaes Nathén

Mobile: +46 (70) 258 85 99

/ Tel: +46 (63) 10 79 99

 Roger Pyddoke

Mobile: +46 (70) 519 89 86

/ Tel: +46 (8) 19 81 52




Management committee
The management committee is primarily composed of Anita Rostén and Hanna Bromö. You can contact us either via telephone or via email, whichever is more convenient for you. Hanna’s responsibilities include handling questions concerning youth and children climbing, as well as various climbing events. Anita has the responsibility of covering all other topics and interests.

The Swedish Climbing management committee can be reached at:

Swedish Climbing Federation
Idrottens Hus
114 73 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (8) 699 65 20
Fax: +46 (8) not available for the moment

And found at:
Fiskartorpsvägen 15A
144 73 Stockholm


If you are traveling with public transportation, you can take the red line subway to the station “Stadion”. From there there is a about one kilometer to walk. Here is a map that will guide you.

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